Online Fall Speaker Series Webinars

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Often Overlooked St. Louis Resources

Saturday, 17 October and Sunday, 18 October 2020. 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. (Central) each day

Orphanage Care in St. Louis (Viki Fagyal): There have always been orphans in every society, although the care of them varies. The first orphanage in St. Louis can be traced to about 1828. Learn about the history of orphans and orphanages in St. Louis.

The Railroads of St. Louis (Nicholas Fry): St. Louis built its livelihood on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. With the coming of the railroad, the city’s economic engine would be split between the rivers and the rails, changing the region forever. This talk will cover the arrival and development of railroads in the region and the transformations they caused.

Discover Your Family’s History in the St. Louis County Library History & Genealogy Department (Scott Holl): History & Genealogy at St. Louis County Library is a nationally recognized genealogical research destination and home to several major collections. Learn about what is in the department and how you can access information remotely.

Cemetery Use for Genealogical Purposes (Becky DiFilippo, Dan Fuller, Dorris Keeven-Franke, and Michele Thomas): Beautiful, peaceful, and overflowing with genealogical i>nformation, Bellefontaine Cemetery is one of the finest examples of what was known as a rural cemetery. Our speakers, dedicated staff and volunteers, will give us a glimpse of the treasures to be found in this and similar cemeteries.
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