At Rest in Wildwood: Burial Sites, History of Cemetery Traditions, & Stories of our Passing

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We think of Wildwood as a new city in far-west St. Louis County, but there have been people living and dying in the area for hundreds of years. The Wildwood Historical Society has made an effort to locate and document the more than one hundred known burial sites in their community. There are eleven chapters, and they are filled with information on the cemeteries, tombstones, and individuals buried there. Included are some of the Missouri statutes relating to moving tombstones as well as many photographs. There is a large map of the city of Wildwood that pinpoints the various burial areas, which are all listed on the pages following the map. The eleven chapters contain a wide variety of information. There are reports of how cemeteries were located by society volunteers, discussions on individual cemeteries, and short articles on diverse topics such as the Grand Army of the Republic and Dowsing (or divining) for graves. Chapter nine is devoted to obituaries obtained from the St. Louis County Watchman Advocate. The bulk of the book, more than one hundred pages, is a listing of all known individuals found in Wildwood cemeteries.
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