Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian

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This book, written by one of the leaders in genealogical research, is considered the premiere short guidebook for citing sources, which is of paramount importance in compiling a thorough family history. Only through presenting correct and cited documentation can anyone be sure of the accuracy of the genealogical information contained in one’s family tree. There are two introductory chapters: “Fundamentals of Citation” and “Fundamentals of Analysis.” They give general information on what needs to be included in a source citation and how to find it. The rest of the book is in chart form with examples of dozens of common potential sources. The charts are arranged in three columns: Primary Citation (Endnotes/Footnotes), Subsequent Citations (Endnotes/Footnotes), and Bibliographic Entry. The examples are arranged in alphabetical order. Appendices include a sample family group sheet with documentation, a sample ancestor (pedigree) chart with documentation, guidelines for citing credentials, and a bibliography. There is also an index.
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