Genealogy at a Glance: Old Southwest Genealogy Research

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Do NOT be deceived by the title. This booklet, one of a series of four-page laminated genealogy aids called "Genealogy at a Glance," is surprisingly about the OLD southwest, not the new. As such, it covers territory EAST of the Mississippi River: Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and parts of Louisiana and Florida. All the "At a Glance" booklets are meant to be transported or to sit by your computer as you work, giving you access to the latest information in specific areas of research. Each booklet in the series is formatted the same way with variations where relevant. The first page has a table of contents and a colorful box of "Quick Facts." Then the author discusses "Settlement Background," including "Spanish Occupation," "Indian Relations," "Territorial Organization," "Earliest Migratory Paths," and "Main Travel Routes." She includes a section of "Major Genealogical Sources," "Major Document Collections," "For Further Reference," "Major Area Libraries," and "Online Sources." Ms. Potter packs a wide variety of sources, articles, books, and websites that could be potentially useful into these pages, but, in spite of the quantity covered, the booklet is attractively laid out and easy to read.
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