A History of Kirkwood, Missouri, 1851–1965

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Kirkwood began as a wilderness area and has grown into a successful, thriving suburb of St. Louis. This comprehensive book tells Kirkwood’s story from its development as a railroad stop to the mid-1960s. Unlike other community histories, this book is long on text and short on photos. The history of Kirkwood is told in narrative form, chronologically. The illustrations, of which there are eight pages, introduce the first section of the book. The author has divided Kirkwood’s history into four sections. The first is “From Wilderness Trails to Iron Rails, 1652–1865,” and it contains five chapters. The second, “From Town to City, 1865–1899,” is divided into five chapters also. The third section, “Kirkwood Comes of Age, 1899–1930,” is comprised of six chapters. Finally, the last section, “Just Yesterday, 1930–1965,” is just two chapters. There are numerous appendices with legislation, government officials, and school board members. All the chapter notes are contained at the end of the book. There is a bibliography and an index.
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