Courthouse Research for Family Historians

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Much as we’d like everything that pertains to our family history to be posted on the Internet, the reality is that this will likely not occur in our lifetime. That means at some point, all genealogists are going to need to make trips to courthouses. Courthouse visits can be intimidating and frustrating or they can be exciting and filled with triumph. Although we cannot know ahead of time what documents do or do not await us on our ancestors, we can prepare ourselves for a fruitful trip if we know how. That’s where this thorough, well-written guidebook comes in very handy, especially now that it has been revised from the first edition. Beginning with what to do before you ever step foot in a courthouse door, this volume includes how to prepare for your trip, what to expect when you arrive, what you will likely find, and how to interpret those documents. There are chapters on land and property records, estates, court records, and vital records. A chapter discusses what you may find on the Internet and in libraries, and a chapter is devoted to research strategies that are likely to bring success. Because of the large format of the book, there is room on both sides of the pages for graphics, hints, definitions, questions to ask, etc. There are twelve chapters, a list of source references, a glossary and an index.
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